Curious who contributes to the IFSP?

Like we say all the time, every location and region sets their own rules and regulations for service delivery and this would also include who is involved in the IFSP process.  

Generally speaking, the primary person involved in the coordination of the IFSP would be the service coordinator or team lead. Typically, their role involves conducting the IFSP meetings and also writing up the IFSP reports. They also are in charge of updating medical records and all other important information in regards to the case.  

The next biggest contributor to the IFSP would be the parents and caregivers. They know their child the best and they are a huge part of the IFSP process. They are responsible for sharing any information that the team needs to be aware of and bringing up areas of strength and concern for their child. 

Lastly, you have the team members or specialists that assessed and/or are working with the child. This could include some or all of the following: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology, developmental specialists, infant stimulation specialists, nursing, social work, vision and hearing specialists, and psychology.  

For me, I am not a part of the actual meetings, but my assessment or progress reports are used as part of the IFSP report. I may also share information with the service coordinator who will bring it up in the meeting. But both Danielle and Amirra actually sit in and contribute to the meetings.  

Again, when it comes to the team members their role might differ depending on how the EI program is set up. 

How does it work where you practice? Who contributes to the IFSP? Did I miss any member or specialist? What is your role as an OT practitioner in the IFSP process?

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